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1 PictureGaborMoczar 2015 WebGabor Moczar, new President of European Choral Association – Europa Cantat

« My main objective will be to establish a strong financial foundation for our organisation »


Gabor Moczar, who was reelected at the head of the European Choir Association - Europa Cantat - after the success of the Singing Europe survey that proved the existence of 27 million choristers in Europe, will continue his policy promoting the choral sector in the European life and in the economic world.


Avantchoeur.com : Did the Success Story of Voice contribute to your reelection?
Gabor Moczar : We are very proud of this nomination by the EU but I don't think it had any influence on the elections, mainly because our members and member organisations have been informed on this process very much in detail and they could see that the VOICE project started still before the previous elections and many of them were also part of it. But the general evaluation of our previous Board could be well seen in the election results as the votes of the re-elected 10 former Board members were quite consistent.


2 Couv SINGING EUROPE report 2015 WebACC : What does this label means for ECA- Europa Cantat ? Will it change its european policy ? How are you going to use it in your action ?
G. M. : We would not like to draw far going consequences from it but it's a very important step ahead regarding our recognition at the European Union. It will not change our policy on all-European communication with the political sector but as we are focusing more and more on convincing decision makers about supporting collective singing as one of the best investment in our society, it may be taken into consideration. One needs to know that we are submitting regularly grant applications to the EU, with lots of good ideas for the reinforcement of cooperation on European level, also out of the EU, but these applications are not welcome every time, unfortunately.


ACC : Do you think this label will federate more chorists people at Europa Cantat Organization ?
G.M. : Well, I don't think it will have a huge affect on the recruitment of more members. You need to know that our federation is mainly based on national or regional choral or conductors' organisations, but also on choirs, families and individuals, it is obvious for us that we cannot reach ourselves to the whole European choral world. But we consider the actors of the European choral life in various countries as our so called "indirect" members so in case they don't think it's necessary to belong to a European umbrella organisations, we whould somehow communicate towards them that they should join their national choral organisatiosn and this way our whole network can benefit of their contribution to our joint efforts. Certainly, we are looking forward to welcoming also new direct members, especially those who are fond of the idea of Europe as such and are ready to support a supernational organisation like ours.


3 ECA EC Board 2015 2018 WebACC : Have you choosen your new team to organize a special action ? If yes, what will be this action ?
G.M. : Our Team is composed of a professional Staff working in our office, they have been doing a great job regarding the executive management of all our projects and actions, we are very happy about their work. The other very important bodies of our organisation are the Board (elected by our membership in every 3 years) and the Music Commission (elected by the Board in every 3 years). We have a very powerful, collaborative athmosphere in our Board that is composed of many European countries' representatives, different generations and management/musical experience and expertise. We are not planning a special action for the time being, we would like to work on the track of our strategy under the label "Benefit from the Singing Community" which has 5 main strategic objectives:

1.      Strengthen the Network
2.      Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Approach
3.      Invest in Capacity-Building and Training
4.      Reach Out
5.      Raise Awareness

You can read more about it here: http://www.europeanchoralassociation.org/about-us/


The new board of ECA -Europa Cantat

Président : Gábor Móczár (Hongrie)
1er Vice-président : Carlo Pavese (Italie),
2nd Vice-président et Président de la Commission Musicale : Jan Schumacher (Allemagne),
3ème Vice-présidente: Daphne Wassink (Pays Bas),
Trésorier : Koenraad De Meulder (Belgique).

Burak Onur Erdem (Turquie),
Marti Ferrer (Espagne),
Reijo Kekkonen (Finlande),
Victoria Liedbergius (Norvège),
Loti Piris Niño (Belgique),
Patrick Secchiari (Suisse),
Kaie Tanner (Estonie),
Jean-Claude Wilkens (France).

ACC : What will be your main objective for the three years of your new mandate at the head of Europa Cantat?
G. M. : Beyond the above strategic aims I have talked about, my main objective will be to establish a strong financial foundation for our organisation which is becoming more and more difficult, with less public funding available so we have to focus more consciously on private funding and working as a business.
Interview by Michel Grinand

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